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SachaPNathanArtistArt Sacha P. Nathan, multi-disciplined independent director/filmmaker, writer/author, photographer, musician, consultant, and privacy/security advocate. Creating evocative thought provoking works, which delve into the mysteries of reality, encouraging free/lateral thinking, catharsis, and manifesting a greater connection with the cosmos.

As an author he has written and published two novels: 'Helianthus Anathema: On The Trail of The Sunflower Killer' (2013) and 'The Constant Wake' (2014). Both of which have ties to his film 'The Sunflower Speaks'. In 2016, he released his album entitled "Eschaton Pulse". In 2009, his film 'Shut Eye' was part of the Official Selection and an Official Nominee in the Action on Film Festival, USA. Additionally in 2011, 'No Future' was part of the Official selection. His horror film 'Malware' shot for the Bloody Cuts 'Who's There Film Challenge (2013) was part of the 'Top 50 Selection', in addition to being listed among the favourites for 'Best Director', receiving honourable mentions for 'Best Effects' and the shortlist for 'Best Editing'.


Strong foundation in cross-disciplined technical and creative skills, spanning concept to execution, and delivery. Well versed, adaptive, and aiming for the bleeding edge, with solid groundwork in both digital and analogue use cases, covering a range of software, hardware, and systems. A philosophy reflecting the same themes as those explored, utilising and encouraging a mindful ethical environment and values, through commonsense, critical/lateral thinking across multiple scenarios, taking into consideration a balance of efficiency, productivity and quality of life.

- Solid creative foundations in narrative/language styles/formats, and strong writing fundamentals across a multitude of storytelling structures, from linear/non-linear to adaptive/interactive experiences across different media.

- An evocative visual language honed to facilitate powerful theatre of the mind, in compelling realities through cathartic content of substance.

- A blend of creative/technical proficiency, offering adaptive and analytical well rounded solutions and results.

- Wide-ranging technical knowledge of real world scenarios and use cases, and familiarity with hardware, software, firmware, and systems solutions, whether open-source, closed-source, or proprietary.

- Effective communication and management across different fields, for efficient work-flow, organisation, and coordination of personnel and workloads, in relation to time-frames and budget conditions.

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